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Guangtong stainless steel products factory

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Chaoan Caitang Guangtong stainless steel products factory


Guangdong guangtong kitchenware co., ltd is a comprehensive strength enterprise with professional research, development, production and sales. The enterprise insists on " quality first, service supreme" as its aim, scientific management and scientific and technological innovation, so that the enterprise can make great progress.
The company's Guangtong Stainless Steel Products Factory has advanced production equipment, modern enterprise management concept and strong technical force. Its products include noodle series, bucket basin series, square dish series, frying pan series, kettle series, fine series of pots, fine set of pots, and other high-grade kitchen utensils, which are favored by consumers for their beautiful appearance, fine workmanship, health care and other advantages.
Our company specializes in all kinds of stainless steel gifts and gifts. Now, we have successfully designated suppliers with major banks ( Agricultural Bank of China, Postal Service, Bank of China ), CCTV brand edible oil, related feeds, beverages ( Coca Cola ), washing powder ( Libai ), instant noodles ( Master Kang ) and other well-known enterprises. Welcome companies from various industries to negotiate and cooperate with each other. Exquisite stainless steel kitchen utensils add air to your warm family! Guangtong brand has become the first choice of the wise.
Thanks to the love of dealers and consumers at home and abroad. The company will continue to pursue quality and service in order to improve the competitiveness of its products in the domestic and foreign markets. Welcome customers and friends to work together to create a better future.

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Guangtong stainless steel products factory

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